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BarMed Armboards

BarMed Australian made plastic moulded armboards available in three different sizes.

Small%20cropped.jpg Infant Armboard
Length 13cm
Width 5.6cm
Packet of 10
Code: BMAB2
Medium%20cropped.jpg Paediatric Armboard
Length 17.8cm
Width 7.2cm
Packet of 10
Code: BMAB1
Large%20cropped.jpg Adult Armboard
Length 25cm
Width 9.8cm
Packet of 10
Code: BMAB

About BarMed

BarMed produce and supply quality moulded armboards across Australia.

Phone (within Australia): 03 8405 3600

Fax: 03 8405 3599


PO Box 4,  Epping, Victoria 3076

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Last updated July 9 2019